in the nature of things
Wherever it looped or ran
Some form or other
A brief suspension
From things that came before
All indifferent decay
A similar effect
forest and field
ground /// terrain
swarm + nest
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  A brief suspension
Auf in die Berge, Kunstbezirk Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany, Aug-Sept 2021
Aleksanterin linna, Mänttä, Finland, July 2022
_ archival inkjet prints, 2019
A brief suspension is from a Swiss residency located at the site of a former hotel for wellness. These constructed landscapes reveal pastoral moments
contradicted by disorientation in scale and confusion in convex and concave forms. Improvised sculptures within the landscape offer suspended
environments rendered inert. Each image suggests a historically informed ideal of connection to the natural world, belayed in the contemporary present.
43x38.28 in.
20x18.52 in.
24x16 in.
24x16.83 in.

24x17.58 in.

27x25.29 in.
43x31.56 in.